Concept Interview

1. How did you guys get interested in making music?


Karim: I started singing when I was around 11 or younger, and was in to acting before we formed, Nathan had singing lessons through secondary school, Matt was into dance and used to do that quite a bit, Scott was into bands like Westlife and Ben played guitar a lot but privately at home. All of us had a passion for music just in different ways to begin with.

2. What has been your most influential fan encounter (online or in person)?

Matt: The most influential fan encounter we’ve experienced as a band was when we went on a school tour to promote anti drugs. Seeing the effect we had when delivering the message to the children really made us stop and think that what we do and say really has an impact on people.

3. Sometimes the internet can be a really tough place. How do you deal with negative comments on social media?

Nathan: I feel the best way to deal with these situations are to either ignore them completely or don’t play up to them, by replying with anger or replying at all only continues the situation, where as a short reply or no reply can cut off the comments completely. Try not to take anything to heart and believe in yourself.

4. What advice or encouragement do you guys have for young people who are being cyberbullied?

Scott: Everything will be ok, just ignore them and don’t let it get to you. They probably have their own insecurities and feel the need to take it out on someone. So just keep being yourself, and don’t worry about what others say.

5. What’s one thing that people tend to misjudge or underestimate about you (as individuals or as a band)?

Ben: A lot of people just think we are “another boyband” but we are more, being friends since the age of 4 and playing live instruments on stage sets us apart from other bands. I also think we can appeal to everyone.

6. When you’re down, what song helps to pick up your mood?

Karim: Spending time with my little brother, Myles, he’s a funny kid. When I’m with the boys and we have a laugh it’s always hilarious wherever we go together and obviously some chilled out music. A little bit of the 1975.

7. Who are some of your musical influences?

Matt: As a band we have such a variety of musical influences for instance mine would be people like Bastille and Ellie Goulding, because they have such a distinctive sounds as well as bands like The Eagles and The Clash, Ben is into more rock orientated music, Karim likes a bit of R&B, Nathan’s a fan of new alternative music and Scott loves his Pop. I think that fact we all love different genres really comes across in our voices which makes a really distinct blend.

8. We’re really passionate about encouraging other young people to use the internet for good. What’s one positive way that you would like to see the internet change?

Nathan: I think by having pages where people can anonymously talk to others about there issues looking for help would be one way to help people resolve their issues and become more confident.

9. What’s one thing you want people to know about Concept?

Scott: We are childhood friends, have grown up together and formed the band as friends before becoming band mates. And that we love our fans more than anything and appreciate everything they do for us.

10. What do you have coming up in 2014?

Ben: We have been hitting the studio to record some new original tracks as well as writing all of them, so hopefully will get them out there onto iTunes by the later stages of the year. Also definitely more Concept Cover Thursdays will be coming your way so check them out.