Spring Into Something New!


The first day of spring is upon us. It might not feel like it outside yet for some of us, but it is technically spring. I’m so happy about it! It’s my favorite season for so many reasons. Everything is changing and coming alive. There’s an amazing feeling in the air. I don’t have to bundle up so much anymore, and finally, because spring means that my favorite holiday, Easter, is almost here. This amazing time of year carries with it a promising message of rebirth. From the baby animals that will soon be running around, to trees budding, and the story of Jesus rising from the grave. There’s this contagiously exciting feeling  all around. Don’t miss out on it. You can join in on all of the excitement too!

“Spring is when you feel like whistling even with a shoe full of slush.”
Doug Larson 

I really like this quote. I think it’s really true. With the idea of spring comes a new mindset. Sometimes this mindset comes before the sunshine and warm weather. Victoria and I  have decided to try some new things this spring and we think that you should join us in them. So we have a challenge for you! We want you to try to form a new good habit or break an old, bad one.

My personal “new thing” this spring is a combination between breaking a bad habit and forming a new good one. My challenge is to be kinder to people that I pass as I’m walking around campus and where ever else I go. I’m a shy girl and sometimes I have trouble with simply smiling and saying hi to people. I want to start a new habit of getting over my shyness in these situations and being openly friendly to everyone that I see. No matter who they are. I’ll  never know how much a two second interaction can impact someone’s day and a smile and a hello are both easy to give.

This is my personal new habit. What will yours be? And just in case you are wondering, these are not just “new season resolutions.” They are meant to be more long term than that. We want you to think “new season, new habit.” We hope that you will take the time this spring to start something new that will enrich your life and the lives of others.


Dare 11!

I want to encourage you to take a little time to appreciate everything around you. As I’m writing this I’m sitting on a train on my way back to school after Spring Break. It’s a gorgeous day outside, a little taste of the spring days to come. The train is traveling along a beautiful area at sunset. When we crossed over a body of water the view was breath taking. When I looked at the people around me to see if they were enjoying the view too, they weren’t. Everyone was too busy paying attention to their laptops and smartphones to notice the beauty that was all around them. That made me start thinking, the best thing about technology might be the fact we can turn it off and walk away at any point. But do we? No, most of us are too distracted to even notice the amazing things that are happening around us. We miss out on so much simply because we’re always too busy to enjoy it. When we look back at the time that we’ve spent in our lives don’t we want to remember the beautiful moments? That will be impossible if we miss out on all of the amazing moments we have the opportunity to experience. With spring right around the corner I urge you to take the time to step away from technology and to take the time to appreciate the beautiful world around you. If you slow down you might just catch an amazing, once in a lifetime show.