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Jessica Jarrell Interview


You may have heard of singer Jessica Jarrell because of the song “Overboard”, her duet with Justin Bieber. Or you may even be a big fan of her own music. Either way, Think Before You Type was able to see a side of her that many may not have seen before. We got the chance to conduct an interview her about cyberbullying, self-esteem, and dreaming big and she had a lot of great things to say. Check it out!

Think Before You Type: As an artist on the internet we’re sure that you have had your share of rude comments, what do you do to keep the negativity from getting to you?

Jessica Jarrell
: I just learned to ignore it.  People are gonna say things about you no matter what you do. 

TBYT: Almost half of young people have been cyberbullied. Is this something that you or anyone around you has dealt with?

JJ: I have and most of my friends have been cyber bullied. It’s a very common problem and that’s why I really encourage people to ignore it.  It seems to be everywhere so the key is not to pay attention to it. 

TBYT:  As someone who started their career young, what would you say to other young people who want to go out there and leave their mark on the world?

JJ: Stay focused and work hard. You have to understand that there’s gonna be rejection along the way, but if you really believe in what you’re doing you have to keep going.

TBYT: There are people out there that don’t think that it hurts to say a few mean things on the internet. What would you say to them to make them see the error of their ways?

JJ: I would tell them to think back to a time when something hurtful was said to them or someone they care about and remember how it felt to have to deal with it. Mean words are meant to hurt and typically they do.   

TBYT: It takes a lot of guts to get up on stage and perform in front of crowds of people. A lot of people let fear get in the way of them sharing their greatness with the world. Do you have any tips for finding the confidence to do something like this?

JJ: There are a lot of things that help. One thing I think really helps to boost confidence is to be prepared. Knowing that you’ve rehearsed and practiced for that moment allows the fear of messing up, sounding bad, etc. to go away. It’s normal to be nervous but knowing that you are “ready” helps take that away. 

TBYT: Self-esteem issues are prevalent in the youth of today. What do you think is the best way to overcome this?

JJ: The best way to overcome it is to hang around people that make you feel good about yourself. Do things that make you happy and be with people the make you happy…that way you won’t have time to focus on negative emotions. 

TBYT: What is something that people tend to misjudge or underestimate about you when they first meet you?

JJ: Usually when people meet me they say “oh my gosh you’re so sweet!” I guess they thought I was gonna be rude or unapproachable which is hilarious because I really always enjoy talking to people and being social. 

 TBYT: When you’re down, what song helps to pick up your mood?  

JJ: J. Cole Crooked Smile.  There’s a line in that song I just love and it says “No need to fix what God already put his paintbrush on.” J. Cole is amazing and I think this song helps a lot of people. 

TBYT: What’s your favorite social media site and why?

JJ: My favorite is instagram because I love pictures and now they’ve added videos which I think is amazing because instead of just typing what you’re doing you can show pictures and instant videos. I feel like peoples pictures say a lot about them. 

TBYT: If you had the chance to speak to someone who has been cyberbullied, what would you say to encourage them?

JJ: You have to remember that most of the people saying things don’t even know you…so you really have to focus on the positive, good, and funny things people are saying .