That’s the Thing with Music

“That’s the thing with music. When it hits you feel no pain.” – Paradise Fears

Music is a huge part of my life. If I’m not listening to it, then there’s a song that I’m singing, humming, or that’s stuck in my head. I don’t know what I would do without it. There’s a song out there for every one of my moods. Even now as I’m writing this post I’m listening to music, and trying to get the right songs that will inspire me. I know I’m not the only one who feels this way about music. Even though it has this constant presence in our lives, we still forget how powerful it can be. Music has the ability¬†to change the world if it’s given the chance.

I went to an Emeli Sand√® concert last weekend. The whole thing was amazing, but the most important part of the concert for me was when she sang her song “Read All About It Part III”. ¬†I didn’t realize how much that song meant to me until she sang it right in front of me. The lyrics to that song have had a huge impact of my life and have greatly inspired me. When I first heard the song it felt like she was directly singing to and about me. I felt like she pulled a page out of my journal and wrote a song from it. I couldn’t believe it. That song will always have a special place in my heart.

A few weeks back V and I got to go see Paradise Fears, Before You Exit and Hello Highway on ¬†Action Item’s¬†Resolution Tour. That was an amazing experience. I had never seen fans so passionate about music and lyrics. Each band and their fans had a type of connection I have never seen before. I loved every¬†minute of it. I love seeing the unity that music can bring.¬†Musicians have an ability that few others posses. It’s the ability to make others genuinely happy. Even if it’s just for the short time that it takes for a song to play or a few hours during a concert.

Nothing beats a musician writing from their heart. Yes, it makes them vulnerable. They end up showing parts of themselves that most other people keep hidden, but that means that they have this incredible¬†ability to connect with people on an amazing level. Whether it’s like me with Emeli Sand√®’s¬†“Read All About Part III”¬†or a Paradise Fears fan with Sanctuary, these songs and their heartfelt lyrics connect with listeners in a resounding way that can impact us all in in such a profound way. This is part of the reason why we started Inspirational Music Mondays. We want to introduce you to the music that inspires us, and we hope that it will inspire you too.


One Small Dream

Some of you may be familiar with this video, and others of you may have never even heard of it. If you haven’t seen it I’d like to encourage you to take the time to watch it. I promise it’ll warm your heart. Warning: grab some tissues because it’s been known to make grown men cry.

In the ten minutes it took for me to watch this video I learned so much, and I was incredibly inspired. Like with anything else, there are times that I get discouraged. There are times where I worry that my work with TBYT isn’t effective and maybe I’m just wasting everyone’s time with this dream, but God always sends something like this to keep me on track. It’s amazing how one little boy’s dream has had such an impact on the world.

We would like to make something clear, we’re not just here to fight cyberbullying or to simply make people feel better about themselves. We’re here for more than that. We want you to understand that you have been given an incredible outlet and tool called “the internet” and when you use it in the right way amazing things can happen. This video is proof. One small idea, or a little dream can turn into a wonderful reality larger than life if you persevere and just keep on dreaming. Don’t let anyone tell you that what you want is impossible. Prove them wrong and show them that nothing is impossible. It doesn’t matter if your dream is an arcade, a campaign ,or to sell out arenas. Don’t ever give up. You never know what can happen.

First TBYT Dare of the Week

Hello everyone and Happy New Year!

We have started something new called, “TBYT Dares of the Week”. Each and every Sunday we will make a video that dares you to do something related to the campaign in your own life. We came up with this idea so that you can have a positive effect on the people in your life.

Every time¬†you complete a dare tweet us (@powerofwords_) with #TBYTDareOfTheWeek and we’ll RT you and let everyone know what you’ve done to¬†help out¬†the people around you.

If you have any dare ideas feel free to comment on here, tweet us or write on our Facebook page, we would love your input.

Have a great day ūüôā

~L and V