Our Mission

Words are powerful things. Sadly, there are times when people forget how much power they truly posses. When people misuse words they run the risk of deeply hurting others. Cyberbullying can be just that, a misuse of words that ends up hurting people. Currently the issue of cyberbullying is a hot topic around the world. For some reason sitting in front of a computer makes people feel powerful and they use that power to hurt others. The popularity of social media is a major part of this issue. We , L and V, decided to use social media for good by creating “Think Before You Type”.  Our goal is not only to help stop cyberbullying but also to help people build positive self images by using encouraging words. Lately, the emphasis has been on how bad people can make others feel but we want to also focus on how easy it is to make others feel good with kind words. We hope that you will join us in the fight against cyberbullying and our fight for positive self images. People need to remember that they can use words for good as well as evil and we want them to simply, think before they type.

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